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Moh’s Micrographic Surgery


Moh's Micrographic Surgery is performed by surgical dermatologists on  an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.  This procedure is one the most advanced techniques for the removal and treatment of skin cancer.  By way of the simplest description, Moh’s surgery is when tissue is removed one layer at a time, then microscopically examined for remaining cancer cells.  The process is repeated layer-by-layer until cancerous cells are no longer apparent and only healthy tissue remains.  This treatment is indicated for skin cancers where recurrence is likely, i.e. face, ear, lips nose and scalp. It is also one the most effective treatments available with a very high success rate.

Ask one of our doctors for a recommendation to a Moh's surgeon.  Our physicians work with many talented Moh's surgeons in the Long Island and Greater Metropolitan area.  Frequently, upon completion of the Moh's surgery, your reconstructive surgery can be performed the same day.









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