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Pediatric Procedures  
There is nothing more devastating to a parent, than to see their child suffer. We all want our children to start life with every advantage possible. Yet sometimes, through no fault of our own, nature randomly inflicts disadvantages that need to be corrected.

Pediatric Plastic Surgery is a segment of plastic surgery that deals with congenital abnormalities, birth defects or traumatic injuries (lacerations, etc.)   This can be as simple as a "skin tag" next to the ear, a laceration as a result of a fall, or as complicated as craniofacial reconstruction.
Birth defects in children require special and immediate attention. At Associated Plastic Surgeons we are always ready and available to respond to your child's special needs.




Dr. Duboys has a special interest in Pediatric Plastic Surgery and is Co-Founder and Emeritus Co-Director of the Cleft and Craniofacial Team at University Hospital, Stony Brook, he is also Medical Director and Founder of Save Our Smile, a not-for-profit group of physicians providing cleft lip and palate surgery to children in Central and South America, Haiti and the Philippines.  Additionally he is New York Chairman for Up Lift International, a Denver, Colorado, not-for-profit group of physicians and volunteers who travel to the Philippines annually to perform cleft lip, cleft palate and pediatric reconstructive surgery.



Medicine has taken giant steps toward minimizing the invasiveness and discomfort of cosmetic surgery.




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