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IPL Photo-facial Rejuvenation


Intense Pulsed Light Photo-facial Rejuvenation (IPL), as the name implies, uses high intensity light to erase skin damage without disrupting the skin’s surface.  IPL requires almost no recovery time [you can apply makeup 2 hours after treatment] and is effective on the face, neck, décolleté, chest and hands. 

Unlike laser resurfacing, there are no wounds to heal and, as such, no disruption in your daily activities.  While certain lasers are used to treat red spots, others to treat brown discoloration, and still others for skin resurfacing, no technology provides both the improvement in skin color and texture as an IPL treatment – all without the slightest interruption in your busy lifestyle. 

The ideal IPL candidate is someone who demonstrates photo aging.  While IPL can improve fine lines and wrinkles, it will not improve, to a significant degree, sagging of the facial structures and is not a substitute for some of the more aggressive techniques. 

How It Works




IPL is ideal for: - Enlarged pores, - Fine Lines and Wrinkles, - Rosacea and reddish discoloration, - Lentigenes, Melasma and other brown pigmentation disorders, and dull complexions.  After a series of treatments, you will see a significant reduction of unwanted pigmentation and the appearance of a smoother, revitalized, more youthful looking skin. 




Female with broken capillaries, before and after 3 IPL treatments
Courtesy of Robert Weiss, MD, Hunt Valley, Maryland




Female with Rosacea, before and after 4 IPL treatments
Courtesy of Beverly Kemsly, MD, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Sun Damage



Female with sun damage, before and after 3 IPL treatments
Courtesy of Nathan Trookman, MD, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mottled Pigmentation



Female with pigmented sun damage, before and after 4 IPL treatments
Courtesy of Patrick Bitter, Jr, MD, Campbell, California

Changes in Skin Texture



Female with fine lines, before and after 4 IPL treatments
Courtesy of James Brazil, MD, Bellvue, Washington

Age Spots



Female with age spots, before and after 1 IPL treatment
Courtesy of Franklin Johnson, MD, Mineola, New York




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