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Reconstructive Procedures

For many people, genetic defects, or disfigurements can be a very traumatic experience. Whether it’s a congenital abnormality, or the result of an accident, it is a constant reminder of imperfection, and can make one feel disconnected from the rest of society.  Reconstructive plastic surgery can restore or repair the body due to the results of trauma, accidents, cancer, or birth defects.  With the recent advances in reconstructive plastic surgery, restoration to normal form and function with socially acceptable results have now become a reality.

Regardless of the reasons for reconstructive surgery, it is important to choose a surgeon with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise who can restore or correct the condition. The surgeons at Associated Plastic Surgeons, have specialized in these types of skilled and exacting procedures for over 25 years—


“Medicine has taken giant steps toward minimizing the invasiveness and discomfort of cosmetic surgery.”



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