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 Reconstructive surgery for accident victims to correct and repair injuries to the face, head, neck and other visible areas will help reduce the psychological impact of such events, and bring the individual back to normalcy as soon as possible. Treatment is available to reduce scarring, restore balance and symmetry to the face and head through implants, rhinoplasty [nose surgery] and otoplasty [ear surgery], scar revision.  etc.  Every situation is unique and we urge you to call for an appointment to arrange for a consultation and assessment.


Accidents do happen -  but when they do, you can rest assured that the  doctors of Associated Plastic Surgeons are available 24/7.  One of the most frequent injuries is a laceration.  Whether its yourself or your child, you want to do everything possible to minimize the trauma and scarring.  Using the latest techniques, our treatments are virtually painless.  Our physicians are on staff at many Long Island hospitals.  Should an injury occur, please call our office (631) 423-1000 and go to the closest hospital emergency room where are doctors are on staff.  In triage, please request that one of our doctors be called in to assist.









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